Double Jay Motorcycles Custom Motorcycles

The delicate but noticeable changes to each machine make no
two motorcycles ever the same. These custom motorcycles always attract
attention, but never outwardly advertise their difference.
Each of the finished Double Jay motorcycles have a retro feel
that is rarely seen on the road and that appeals to individuals
who have an ideal to be different.

Double Jay Custom Motorcycles isn’t just about the Motorcycles it’s
about the culture surrounding it; the clothing, the art, food,
film and the music we enthuse about completes the lifestyle we enjoy.
The need to travel, see places, experience different
cultures and meet people makes our journey never
ending. Doing these things and sharing them with
like-minded individuals makes life fun and interesting .
sharing these ideals and having the input from
our ever growing community of friends makes
the travelling road never ending.
We hope you share our ethos and travel with
us on a journey that has only just started.
Who knows where it will go? But we are sure
what ever direction and at whatever speed
it travels the need to find an interesting
custom of lifestyle will come our way.